Marcelo Espinola
Video Editor | Motion Graphics Designer | 3D Artist
My name is Marcelo Espinola, and I have been working as a video editor and motion designer since 2004.
I started my career studying Audiovisual Art and Film Direction in Buenos Aires.
Over time, I acquired a taste for postproduction in general, focusing my work in that particular area. 

During the first years of my professional career, I had the opportunity to work on Television, in two shows about Tourism and Culture, not only as an editor but also being responsible for all the postproduction, music, graphics, color correction, and retouching. 
This experience gave me the organizational and planning skills for any kind of audiovisual piece.

As a freelancer, I worked with many musicians and music producers, primarily electronic, making short pieces of high impact for social networks. Here I learned to highlight the rhythm and dynamism in the editing, implementing effects and techniques to draw the viewer’s attention immediately. In this way were forged what I believe are the most outstanding characteristics of my work: a great sense of rhythm and tempo, focused on dynamism and agility, without losing attention to detail.

In Berlin, I worked in a start-up as a senior motion graphics designer. Tasks included the implementation of a newly developed visual concept to create the neuro-effect of “Paradoxical Arousal”. A totally new notion for me. This meant a great challenge, which finally had a very satisfying result, as I was the chosen one of the team to compile all the audiovisual pieces and compose the Master sequence for the presentation of the project. 
The sense of responsibility, reliability, good planning, and realistic time projection made me stand out in this job.

The constant search for improvements and new techniques in my work is part of my career, and I always try to find ways to bring something more to my audiovisual toolset.
At the moment, I am exploring in-depth 3D animation, not only in its application in motion graphics but also in character creation. Digital sculpture and character design are my current areas of experimentation.
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